Meet Our Apprentices

by Monie Lewis


Oshin Samal


 “If I was in my country I would not have gotten this opportunity and I am thankful. We are given the opportunity to learn new things that we didn’t know before, so it’s a really good chance and opportunity for people like us” – Oshin

Oshin Samal is a graduating senior at Cleveland Heights High School. Oshin started sewing at Cosmic Bobbins in March of 2016. She came with little sewing experience and since then has grown to construct garments and patterns on her own as well as alter her own prom dress. She is looking for full time employment this summer to continue building her relationship with Cosmic Bobbins and learning more beyond the sewing program. Oshin is from Nepal and lives in Cleveland Heights High School. Oshin plans to attend college locally and work part time at Cosmic Bobbins during the school year. Her career goal is a fashion designer.


Aruna Pradhan


“I learned lots of things I didn’t know before and I learned a lot here. I am still trying to learn more; a summer job will help me.” – Aruna

Aruna Pradhan started the sewing program in April 2016 with no serious prior experience sewing, but has knowledge of sewing due to her mother. Aruna is a junior at Cleveland Heights High School and has lived in Cleveland Heights for four years. She is originally from Nepal. Since attending the sewing program Aruna career aspirations has changed and she is now considering fashion design and fashion illustration. Aruna’s favorite project so far was the cropped off the shoulder top and her Pikachu pillow and pillow case. Aruna looks forward to having her first job and continuing to work and grow at Cosmic Bobbins.


Parmilla Gurung

“My first project was a hello kitty pillow and pillow case I came up with all on my own. When I was done, I couldn’t believe that I made that by myself”

Parmilla Gurung started sewing at Cosmic Bobbins in November of 2016. She is from Nepal and has been living in Cleveland Heights for three years. She is a senior at Cleveland Height High School. She came to the program with no sewing experience, but eager to learn.


Nisha   Sunuway

“Before coming here I wanted to be a Bollywood actress and dancer, but now I want to be a fashion designer.”

Nisha Sunuway is a junior at Cleveland Heights High School. Nisha started sewing at Cosmic Bobbins with no experience in sewing, but some prior knowledge. Nisha has created multiple projects since starting, but her favorite project was the quilt. She looks forward to learning how to sew on the industrial machines and learn more about what is done at Cosmic Bobbins.