Cosmic Bobbins Foundation provides education and workforce training for underrepresented populations in arts-based entrepreneurship, sewing, and outreach




What the Participants are Saying

 “We make magic! I'm going to Tri-C. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. Maybe engineering or environmental science. I also like art. I also want to do what Sharie does. I want to create custom-made things for people.  When I heard Sharie was also going to be teaching refugee youth, I was eager to apply my skills from the apprenticeship program to help others.” –Chelsea Simuel, 21
“I just graduated from the School of the Arts and attended Kent State to study fashion design major with a minor in LGBT studies. I had attended the apprenticeship program for two summers and it really gave me an edge that first year in school.  I was also able to work in the store during my holiday breaks.   When I decided to switch my major to non-profit management and attend Tri-C, Sharie offered me a job to work in the store.  When I realized that she started a non-profit I was so excited because I could continue to combine all of my passions and learn on the job!  I’m looking forward to be able to apply what I’m learning and do some teaching with the program this summer.   It’s the best!”  –Monie Lewis, 18
 “Having the opportunity to participate in the Cosmic Bobbins Summer Internship Program has been invaluable to me. This program was not only about creating, but about personal growth. I can say that I have experienced a lot of personal growth after doing the activities in the program and learning how make things like pillows, headbands, backpacks and many more others. I now have many more things to offer after completing this program that do not solely have to do with sewing. These skills have overlapped into the things that I am currently involved in and have benefitted me to a great extent. They include transferrable skills, lifelong skills and having the opportunity to link with my community.” –Alexis Simuel, 19

We're looking for further grant funding and philanthropic contributions so that we can prepare for our 2016 programs. We're being flooded with resumes and want to keep this side of the social enterprise blossoming by engaging over 50 youth through the program.  In order to do so, we’re seeking $100,000 in philanthropic support. No gift is too small and we would be honored if you would consider supporting our foundation and the programs we offer to our community in one of the following ways:


Giving Level

Gift Range


Cosmic Friend

Up to $999

Supplies, Programming Expenses

Cosmic Mentor

$1,000 to $2,499

Machine Repair, Material Procurement

Cosmic Partner

$2,500 to $4,999

Partial Participant Sponsorship

Cosmic Hero


Full Participant Sponsorship

Cosmic Superstar

$10,000 and Above

Facility Improvement


"No life if it is properly realized is without its cosmic importance." - Hortense Odlum